Minimum Rental

All items have predetermined minimum rental of either 4 hours or one day.

Half Day Rental

Any four-hour period or overnight weekdays.

Weekly Rental

Any seven consecutive days.

Monthly Rental

Any twenty-eight consecutive days. Rates quoted upon request.


All rentals are paid in advance except for pre-approved in house charge accounts. Payment is accepted in cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover. Charge customer’s payment is due by the 20th of the month, after which a 2% per month service charge is added. The first rental must be with a credit card.


Some items do require an additional cash or credit card deposit.


You are responsible for prudent care of equipment. Included in this are gasoline, oil level, flat or damaged tires, any abnormal wear or unusual cleaning required.

Reservation and Deposit

We encourage you to reserve equipment as far in advance as possible to ensure availability of equipment on the date you request. 50% down is due upon reservation with remaining due 7 days prior to rental date. Reservations paid are nonrefundable.


Delivery service is available at a rate based on mileage from the showroom/warehouse. Please make arrangements at time of reservation. Deliveries are made to ground floor or within a reasonable distance of the truck (tailgate delivery). Set-up/knock-down service and delivery to other than ground floor is available at an additional charge. Arrangements must be made in advance. On pick-up, all equipment is to be stacked, folded or bagged and returned to the same place as delivered. Equipment is usually picked up the day after the event (excluding Sundays and holidays).

Return of Equipment

A cleaning fee will be charged for all equipment returned dirty. If you do not have clean-up facilities available, we can provide this service at an additional charge if arranged in advance. Charges are made for time out (not time used) so in order not to incur additional rental charges, return all equipment promptly by due date.

Damage Waiver

Once you take possession of equipment, you are completely responsible for it whether damaged, lost or stolen. You should consult your insurance agent regarding your coverage of rental equipment. Damage waiver is available at time of rental on most items. Damage waiver protects you against charges for accidental damage to rental equipment while it is in customers’ possession. IT DOES NOT COVER MYSTERIOUS LOSS OR THEFT OF THE RENTAL EQUIPMENT OR ANY ACCESSORY ITEM. Damage waiver does not include flat tires or damage to tires and rims.


The constantly changing nature of our inventory make it impossible to publish a complete and up-to-date catalog. There may be some items shown not available at your moment of need; and other items not listed that we have added to our inventory. Some items are sold and replaced in response to local and seasonal demands. Be sure to call about anything you can not find. Because of the changing nature of the inventory, prices are subject to change without notice.